Shipping Policy for Golden Meadows Kennels Inc

Beginning on November 18 2013, the USDA has changed the Animal Welfare Act.
We will not be able to ship a dog/puppy to you “sight unseen”.
We are now required to physically be in the same “location” as the “buyer” and the puppy. While we have always encouraged our clients to come out to meet us, the parents & the puppies we realize that it is not always possible for this to occur. We do have some leeway in getting your new family member to you.
We apologize for any inconvenience that the new regulations create for clients, however in order to stay in compliance with the USDA regulations we have had to alter our shipping policies.

Q:   What does this mean to me & my new puppy?
A:    Golden Meadows Kennels can no longer ship a puppy to you (the “buyer) that you have not previously met.
Q:   How can I get my puppy shipped to me?
A:    These are the conditions in which we can ship a puppy to you according to the new USDA regulation:
1)     If you come out to our facility & meet us & the puppy, then we can ship the puppy to you, when they are ready to go home.
2)     If someone acts in your behalf as the “buyer” and meets us & the puppy we can ship the puppy to you. (The USDA allows that the “buyer” & the “ultimate owner” are not necessarily the same person)
3)    If a representative for Golden Meadows Kennels flies with the puppy to your home city, we can meet you any where as long as the “buyer”, “seller” & and “animal” are all in the same place at the same time, it fulfills the new regulations requirement for “face to face” sale.
Q:  Are there other options for getting my puppy home?
A:    Yes. You can fly out and we can meet you at a local airport & deliver the puppy for you to take home with you. Contact your airline for rules & regulations on taking a puppy on the plane as “carry on”.

We encourage you to come out & meet with us here & take your new baby home with you.

We have started a new program to for our clients that still wish to purchase a Golden Meadows Kennels dog but are unable to come out to us. We are calling it our “Door to Door” service. For those clients who wish it, we will provide all transportation services from our facility to your home. We will drive or fly the puppy to you and deliver the puppy directly to you & your family. This is a great option especially for our kids in the training program. It allows a trainer to meet with you, show all the verbal & visual commands and answer any questions you have on training.
Ask us about this option, the cost will vary depending on the destination.

*All shipping/ delivery is subject to an additional charge.


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