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AKC Vizsla Puppies for Sale: Picking Your Pup

July 8, 2014

Puppies of Hungarian Short-haired Pointing Dog (Vizsla)Attractive, bright and easily trained, the Vizsla is a great pet for anyone who maintains an active lifestyle. If you are searching for AKC Vizsla puppies for sale, take some time to study up on the breed before purchasing one of these little loves for your own.

Easily recognizable by their distinctive, reddish-brown color, the Vizsla boasts a short, smooth coat that requires minimal upkeep. While its thin coat can be an asset in warmer climates, it does little to protect the dog in cold, harsh environments, so keep that in mind if you plan to leave your dog outdoors for extended periods of time or overnight. Handsome and regal, the Vizsla has long, silky soft ears and, in most cases, a docked tail.

Vizslas are inherently strong swimmers, natural hunters and excellent retrievers, and thrive on attention and physical interaction. These dogs typically need a lot of exercise, and might be better suited to stand-alone homes with big backyards than apartment-style living conditions.

When it comes to temperament, expect an energetic, yet mild-mannered companion. Quick to form bonds and fiercely loyal to those they know and love, the Vizsla can be a great protector and guard dog, if trained appropriately.

If you are looking for AKC Vizsla puppies for sale in your neck of the woods, consider purchasing one that is already trained. The training process of a Vizsla puppy is somewhat different than that of other dogs, due in large part to their sensitive temperaments. A Vizsla thrives best when spoken to softly and without harsh corrections and commands, however it is still necessary to demonstrate quiet authority so that they do not get the wrong idea about who truly leads the pack.

If trained properly from the outset, the Vizsla can be a wonderful companion for owners young and old. Keep in mind that the Vizsla is an attention-craver who loves to be close to his or her owner, and that, should you wind up checking out AKC Vizsla puppies for sale, you will gain a longtime friend, but may lose a little room in your bed at night.

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