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Alabama Rot (CRGV) Disease: Everything You Need to Know

August 17, 2017

Could your dog be at risk for Alabama Rot disease? Recent reported illnesses show that this devastating canine disease may be spreading. Alabama Rot, or more commonly known as Idiopathic Cutaneous and Renal Glomerular Vasculopathy (CRGV), was first discovered in the 1980s, but diagnoses have waxed and waned with periodic outbreaks in specific areas of the country. It is especially dangerous because early diagnosis is often confused for other less serious illnesses. Even when detected and […]

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Brain-Stimulating Activities for Dogs Whose Playtime Is Restricted

August 14, 2017

Surgery. Injuries. Illness. Age. All four of these events can hold your dog back, and sometimes, they aren’t always easy to overcome. Dogs naturally want to remain active, and the lack of activity can make them bored, destructive, restless, or self-injurious (e.g. ripping out stitches or chewing at a wound). Sick children and dogs have one thing in common: they’ll demand your attention out of boredom every five minutes if they aren’t occupied. It’s hard […]

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Sun’s Out, Dog’s Out!

August 10, 2017

Ah, the dog days of summer. A time when humans and dogs alike can rest, relax, and enjoy the sunshine or just wander the great outdoors. Such a succinct way to explain the sheer pleasure of lazing around or adventuring with your pup each summer season. Okay… that’s not exactly where the term “the dog days of summer comes from.” But it sure sounds lovely, doesn’t it? “The dog days of summer” has its roots […]

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Top 5 Summer Illnesses to Watch for in Dogs

August 7, 2017

The dog days of summer – it’s supposed to be something to look forward to. Fortunately, that’s the case for most dog owners, who find that summer is a blissful time of relaxation and fun. As thrilled as we are that summer’s almost here, it’s important to talk about how to keep your dog safe when it arrives, too. The bad news: higher temperatures and more time outdoors can increase your dog’s risk for certain […]

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5 Ways Dogs Improve Our Kids’ Lives

July 20, 2017

You know your dog enriches your life because you love spending time with her. She’s funny, comforting, fun, dedicated, and loyal, too. Even if you have a dog that occasionally frustrates you (hello, chewed shoes) or makes you question your own sanity after an extensive run, it’s difficult to see how anyone could improve upon the experience of owning a truly good dog. But improve, we shall, especially when it comes to the lives of […]

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Beach Season Safety for Dogs

July 17, 2017

Headed to the beach with your buddy this summer? Whether it’s lakeside or along California’s coast, it’s important to take precautions that keep your furry friend safe. As exciting and fun as the beach is (both for you and your dog), all that sand and water can come with a few surprising dangerous–some of which can be downright deadly. But that doesn’t mean that you should write the beach off this summer entirely; in fact, […]

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Making Your Backyard a Better, Safer Place for Dogs

June 29, 2017

Your dog’s background is his kingdom. It’s where he adventures, plays, relaxes, and — can’t forget this one — does his business. Even if your pup is a true lap dog or couch potato, he probably can’t resist heading outside into the sunshine each day. Unfortunately, that kingdom can sometimes harbor hidden dangers that can harm your dog’s health, especially if you aren’t aware of them in the first place. Setting up your dog’s backyard […]

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Dog Diarrhea: Remedies to Soothe Your Dog’s Tummy

June 26, 2017

There’s nothing quite like waking up first thing in the morning to diarrhea on the kitchen floor. Despite your dog’s best attempts to wake you, a rumbly tummy can lead to indoor accidents even if your dog hasn’t had an accident since puppyhood. Very often, this isn’t a sign of regression, but a symptom of generalized gastrointestinal upset instead. Canine diarrhea is just as common in pups as it is in humans, and surprisingly, is […]

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Dog Park Etiquette 101

June 19, 2017

Headed off to the dog park for the first time with your new pup? Hold on — don’t walk out the door just yet. Though the park is a wonderful place to socialize, it isn’t wise to just walk in with your dog and assume everything will be okay. It’s best to prepare and be sure you understand how to enjoy your visit safely and securely without placing your dog in harm’s way (or yourself). […]

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Safety Tips During the Dog Days of Summer

June 15, 2017

It’s summertime, and the livin’ is easy. You and your dog are looking forward to warmer weather that gets you up and moving, heading out into the world to adventure, sniff, and pee on every tree you come across. Whether you’re headed to the beach or just relaxing on an apartment patio, your dog will be right there with you soaking up those rays. The joys of warm weather cannot be overstated for most pups; […]

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