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Dog Park Etiquette 101

June 19, 2017

  Headed off to the dog park for the first time with your new pup? Hold on — don’t walk out the door just yet. Though the park is a wonderful place to socialize, it isn’t wise to just walk in with your dog and assume everything will be okay. It’s best to prepare and be sure you understand how to enjoy your visit safely and securely without placing your dog in harm’s way (or […]

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Safety Tips During the Dog Days of Summer

June 15, 2017

It’s summertime, and the livin’ is easy. You and your dog are looking forward to warmer weather that gets you up and moving, heading out into the world to adventure, sniff, and pee on every tree you come across. Whether you’re headed to the beach or just relaxing on an apartment patio, your dog will be right there with you soaking up those rays. The joys of warm weather cannot be overstated for most pups; […]

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Keeping Your Dog Mentally, Physically Fit

June 12, 2017

We know that human children require support, encouragement, brain-stimulating activities, and exposure to new objects regularly to learn, grow, and develop. From early childhood socialization to learning the ABCs, we put a tremendous amount of time into ensuring that our kids are mentally and physically fit as they age. As it turns out, that mindset just might be what’s needed for your dog to be healthy, happy, and fit, too. Researchers now believe that most […]

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Safe, Effective Remedies for Motion Sickness in Dogs

June 8, 2017

Moving or traveling with a dog can be stressful right from the get-go. Not every pup handles being in the car, on a boat, or in the air. Some dogs become extremely stressed and anxious, while others experience canine vestibular upset – better known to most pet parents as motion sickness. We can’t always avoid traveling with pets, even if they don’t handle the transportation well. Most dog owners agree that leaving Fido behind just […]

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Resource Guarding: Causes, Prevention, Modification

June 5, 2017

You’re feeding your dog just like you do every other day when you  walk by to feed your other dog.  The dog that you’ve always considered to be laid back up until this point emits a low growl of warning as he wolfs down his food. Your other dog — who is more excitable and energetic — is oblivious to everything except her food. Is this growling from your sweet boy some kind of newfound […]

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6 Surprisingly Common Food Allergies in Dogs

June 1, 2017

Is your dog a picky eater? If so, you know how challenging it can be to convince her to eat her dinner. Dogs, just like humans, have tastes and can prefer certain flavors, much to the chagrin of owners who just want them to eat their kibble. Although most dogs refuse food simply because they aren’t hungry, or because they don’t care for the flavor of the food, refusal can be a sign of food […]

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Sun’s Out, Tongue’s Out! Beach Safety Tips!

May 25, 2017

Summer is on its way, and if you’re anything like the majority of people who love the water, you’re probably looking forward to a beach trip or two this year. There’s nothing quite like the sand, the sun, and the sound of crashing waves on a summer afternoon. If you’re a pet owner, your dog might be a fan of that misty breeze as well. It’s encouraged that you bring your pup along on your […]

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PSA: Canine Influenza H3N2 Outbreak

May 22, 2017

You and your dog have something in common: both of you can contract a form of influenza, making you miserable and extremely sick. Though the exact germs that cause influenza in humans and dogs differ, and aren’t transmissible between species, both illnesses share similar symptoms and carry an increased risk for fatalities in sensitive populations. For humans, getting the flu vaccine and seeking a doctor’s advice is the best way to prevent influenza from taking […]

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6 Tick-Borne Diseases You Should Know About

May 18, 2017

If you love to take your dog with you on summer vacations, this article is for you. After all, what’s the point of enjoying a few days camping, hiking, or otherwise having fun if your furry friend isn’t by your side? Most pet parents think of everything when going away: extra food, treats, a bed, leashes and collars with tags, and favorite toys, too. But what about flea and tick protection? Keeping your pup free […]

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Summer Fun Suggestions For Pup-Perfect Excursions

May 15, 2017

Thinking of getting out and enjoying a spot of adventure this summer? You’re not alone. America is home to some of the most amazing dog-friendly road trip destinations for pet parents. Whether it’s lounging on a southern beach while you soak up the rays or exploring one of our amazing national parks, road tripping with your dog(s) is a truly special and amazing experience–-or at least it can be if you plan in advance. If […]

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