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Golden Retriever Puppy Training: Building the Dog-Human Bond

October 10, 2014

Key Points for Golden Retriever Puppy Training: Building the Dog-Human Bond | Golden Meadows RetrieversAfter choosing a puppy from the breeder, you will want to immediately begin training the puppy. Golden Retriever puppy training may have begun with the breeder, so for the greatest success, you should discuss the methods and tactics that have already been used. In order to teach your puppy to become a companion or to act as a hunter, you should never delay puppy training your Golden Retriever.

The first step you should take is to schedule an appointment with your veterinarian. You will enjoy greater success if your puppy is healthy and free from common maladies. Be sure that your new dog has all of the necessary shots and visits the vet routinely in order to avoid any conditions that would disrupt training and cause more problems as the dog gets older.

Your second step is to include socialization in the training. Golden Retrievers are intelligent and friendly dogs and may be easily distracted by people or animals. In order to behavior appropriately and confidently, your puppy needs plenty of socialization and the reinforcement of proper behaviors. When the necessary shots are brought up to date, this training can begin as early as the first nine weeks.

Step three, and perhaps the most important step, in Golden Retriever puppy training involves developing the feelings of trust and love that are so important between a dog and its owner — building that dog-human bond. The feelings often develop naturally as you take your puppy with you into a variety of settings and respond consistently, predictably, and kindly when the dog behaves either appropriately or inappropriately. Expose your puppy to a wide variety of activities in order to fully reinforce the idea that you expect good behavior no matter what the circumstances.

The final step in effective training is to consistently apply the principles of the training course that you have established. Many dog owners schedule obedience school or work with a professional during this critical period in their puppy’s life. Other dog owners have experience and are confident in their training abilities. Either way, you will have greater success as you use the same commands, rewards, corrections, and training methods over and over again. If you are not sure about the best type of Golden Retriever puppy training to use, you may be able to get suggestions from the breeder.


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