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Picking the Right Hunting Dog Breeder

June 23, 2014

iStock_000021248947_SmallA puppy can bring joy to your life and your home. Hunting dogs can be wonderful companions, playmates, and friends. After you have evaluated your home and lifestyle and decided you are capable of owning a dog, the next step is finding the right breeder. If you are searching for a hunting dog breeder, it is crucial to know your breeder is responsible.

Some of the most important steps in the development of your dog’s personality occur before you have even met him. Early socialization, positive reinforcement, and human interaction are vital in shaping your dog into a friendly, happy, gentle pet. Therefore, you should make sure you select a breeder who has properly treated your dog in his first few weeks. A good hunting dog breeder should provide a clean, comfortable environment for puppies. Visiting or browsing photos of the breeder’s facilities can give you a good idea of the quality of your puppy’s very first home.

Puppies can be irresistible, which unfortunately makes choosing the wrong breeder an easy decision. Puppy mills, for example, focus on profit over the welfare or health of their dogs. Purchasing a dog from a puppy mill not only supports this business but also makes you prone to dealing with health and behavioral issues later on in your dog’s life.

If you are searching for a reputable breeder, you may want to ask your friends or veterinarian for referrals or recommendations. A responsible breeder should be invested in the welfare of the dogs and should prioritize finding good homes for his or her puppies. Therefore, if a breeder shows no interest in interviewing or meeting you to make sure your home will be a good fit, you should be wary.

Purchasing a puppy can be an incredibly exciting experience and making a spontaneous decision can be tempting. Taking your time to select a reputable hunting dog breeder will give you and your dog a happier life in the long run.

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