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Lessons We Should All Learn From Dogs

October 12, 2016

Dogs are excellent teachers, you can learn a lot from how unconditionally they love, how they trust their natural instincts, and how loyal they are to whom they trust. To have a dog is to have a lifelong friend and companion who is always by your side, growing up with a dog is much like growing up with another sibling, they are as much a part of the family as anyone. Dogs can teach us […]

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Strange Dog Habits Explained

October 7, 2016

  Dog habits can be just as unusual as our own little quirks, why do they shake their heads when they’re wet? Why do they like to tear things apart for no reason? Animal behaviorists and dog aficionados alike have tried to figure out what goes on in a dog’s mind that possesses them to do such strange things, and here are some answers: Why does my dog kick grass after going to the bathroom? […]

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Are Ghost Dogs A Real Thing?

October 5, 2016

Do you hear disembodied howling? Objects that your dog loved are now moved or missing? You might have a ghost dog visitor stopping by. Don’t be alarmed, the appearance of doggy apparitions are not unheard of and most often never menacing. Usually a ghost dog is the spirit of a dog you recently lost, or maybe an old childhood dog stopping by to say hello from beyond the grave. In any case, a dog will […]

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Dog Facts You May Not Have Known

October 4, 2016

Dogs are and have always been man’s most loyal companion, we all love them and are grateful for their day-brightening abilities, but how much do you know about your furry friends habits? Why do they feel the need to sniff everything and unfortunately, everyone? What’s normal for them and what isn’t? Here are some intriguing facts about your four legged buddy: They sweat only through the pads on their feet, they have a harder time […]

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Signs Your Dog May Have Fleas

October 3, 2016

  Fleas are nasty little pests that can make your dog a very unhappy pup and can also cause you trouble if they make there way all over your house. Getting rid of fleas early is important since they will only multiply more and more the longer they are around, so finding a treatment sooner rather than later is essential. Not sure if you dog has these pesky creatures? Here are some obvious warning signs: […]

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Video: Are Dogs Colorblind?

September 29, 2016

For the full article on

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Best DIY Dog Costumes to Make This Halloween

September 27, 2016

  Halloween is right around the corner, and just as much as we love to pick out a costume for our own parties and ghoulish activities, dog costumes are just as fun to plan. It can be tricky to find a costume that suits your pup’s personality, so sticking to something DIY is probably the best choice. But not all of us are as crafty as we’d like to think, first you have to make […]

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Video : Dog Surrenders Food

September 26, 2016

This poor dog couldn’t even gather the strength to combat his kitty roommate from eating all his food. Dog surrenders food to cat, he attempts to swat the cat away, but barely even gets near them. The lack of energy is palpable. Watch the video below: For the full article on Mashable click HERE

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Pet Emergency Care

September 23, 2016

Bad things happen from time to time, and even though the last thing we want to think about is how our pets will be taken care of without us, it’s a good thing to have prepared. Pet emergency care is just as vital to their health as their next vet visit, so it’s always good to have a game plan for the unexpected if it should occur: Keep a card in your wallet containing info […]

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Dog Training – Why Won’t My Dog Play Fetch?

September 21, 2016

  Playing fetch is synonymous with dog behavior, we all expect our dogs to magically know how to do this trick without too much effort, this is obviously not true. Depending on your dog’s age, breed, demeanor and patience level, they may not be made to fetch. Often times, dogs have no idea that fetching something for their master is a thing. They probably just figure you can get your own newspaper. Proper dog training […]

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