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Dog Facts You May Not Have Known

October 4, 2016

Dogs are and have always been man’s most loyal companion, we all love them and are grateful for their day-brightening abilities, but how much do you know about your furry friends habits? Why do they feel the need to sniff everything and unfortunately, everyone? What’s normal for them and what isn’t? Here are some intriguing facts about your four legged buddy: They sweat only through the pads on their feet, they have a harder time […]

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Dog Vaccines – Are They Necessary?

September 28, 2016

  You’ve probably heard of people opposed to their children getting vaccinated, but have you heard of the same idea for dog vaccines? Some dog owners would prefer to not have their dog vaccinated for similar reasons to children, they fear it will harm their pet more than help them. But what evidence is there to support these beliefs? Well, there really isn’t, not vaccinating is more of a personal choice than proven to cause […]

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Best DIY Dog Costumes to Make This Halloween

September 27, 2016

  Halloween is right around the corner, and just as much as we love to pick out a costume for our own parties and ghoulish activities, dog costumes are just as fun to plan. It can be tricky to find a costume that suits your pup’s personality, so sticking to something DIY is probably the best choice. But not all of us are as crafty as we’d like to think, first you have to make […]

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Video : Dog Surrenders Food

September 26, 2016

This poor dog couldn’t even gather the strength to combat his kitty roommate from eating all his food. Dog surrenders food to cat, he attempts to swat the cat away, but barely even gets near them. The lack of energy is palpable. Watch the video below: For the full article on Mashable click HERE

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Pet Emergency Care

September 23, 2016

Bad things happen from time to time, and even though the last thing we want to think about is how our pets will be taken care of without us, it’s a good thing to have prepared. Pet emergency care is just as vital to their health as their next vet visit, so it’s always good to have a game plan for the unexpected if it should occur: Keep a card in your wallet containing info […]

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Video: Dog Proofing Your Home

September 19, 2016

Whether or not you’ve had a canine household member before or not, dog proofing your home is an important and somewhat tricky part of pet owing. You have to scour your house for things that could be toxic, dangerous, or otherwise unhealthy for your pet to ingest. As well as health concerns, you may be wise to move things out of site and availability to your pet that are valuable (breakable, too). So what advice […]

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Dog Camping Tips

September 16, 2016

  Camping without taking your puppy pal just isn’t the same! Don’t let the potential danger of camping keep you from inviting your furry companion, instead, read up on how to keep your dog safe while out in the great wilderness. Dog camping tips and safety: Make sure to be watchful of your pet, don’t let them wander wherever they want Be aware of other people’s animals Keep an eye out for wild creatures who […]

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Golden Retriever Puppy Stolen From Training Facility

September 13, 2016

A young golden retriever puppy was taken from her home in Atlanta while training at a nonprofit service dogs school on September 3rd. This is the first incident of a puppy being taken from the facility in all their years of operation, and they have taken necessary security precautions as a result of the abduction. The stolen golden retriever puppy, named Dorie, has a reward by her owners for several thousand dollars if their dog […]

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Golden Retrievers Share These Common Medical Conditions With Their Humans

September 12, 2016

  Your furry friend shares many things with you, including the potential to develop certain types of health issues. From conditions that can be overcome to chronic problems that must be managed for the rest of the pet’s life, you may be surprised at the range of health issues your dog can experience. Here are some of the more common ones that apply to canines as well as humans. Cancer Your pet’s risk of developing […]

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Never Feed Your Dog These Dangerous Foods

September 8, 2016

    If you have recently bought a dog, then you are likely feeling happy and excited to welcome your new pet into your home, but it’s also important to keep the health and safety of your new dog at the front of your mind if you want it to live a long life. With good intentions, many people like to share their food with their pets, but doing so is often a dangerous mistake. […]

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