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Identifying the Best Canine Breeds for Bird Hunting

November 5, 2016

A bird hunter’s success depends largely on the speed and skills of his or her hunting dog. A dog that has been bred and trained to hunt can point, flush out targets, and retrieve quickly, talents that help a hunter bag his or her limit each time. When you want to enjoy the success and fun that comes with hunting pheasants, quail, doves, and other birds, you would do well to choose a dog that […]

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Benefits of Training Golden Retrievers & Vizslas as Therapy Dogs

November 1, 2016

Today, trainers are able to work with many different breeds of dogs to teach them how to provide therapeutic benefits to their human companions. However, Golden Retrievers and Vizslas are two breeds that stand out from the rest when it comes to serving as therapy dogs. As you explore potential new dogs to assist with you or your loved one’s daily activities, here is what you should know about why these two breeds offer so […]

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Golden Retrievers: Breed Spotlight Video

July 28, 2016
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Life with a Golden Retriever on The Pet Hui Show

May 2, 2016
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Most Popular Dog Breeds in America

March 23, 2016

For three consecutive years, the three most popular dog breeds in America have remained the same. The second ranked German Shepherd is flanked by Retrievers, with Golden in third place and Labrador in the number one spot. Bulldogs come in fourth, with Beagles rounding out the top five. The rankings from the American Kennel Club are based on registration of dogs with the organization. The most popular breeds tend to be large, friendly dogs with […]

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Golden Retriever Health & Care Information

March 8, 2016

All breeds of dogs come with their own types of issues. For example, most large canine breeds tend to have problems with arthritis and hip dysplasia as they age. It is important to research these common health concerns before getting a dog of any breed. One of the most popular breeds of dog is the loyal, intelligent, and loving Golden Retriever. While it is considered the best choice for a family dog, it is not […]

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Is a Golden Retriever the Right Breed for You?

March 3, 2016

When choosing a canine companion for yourself or your family, it is important to think about what you are really wanting out of a pet. Each dog breed offers a variety of characteristics, such as differing energy levels and grooming needs. Will you have the time and money to properly care for a dog? Certified breeders will expect new owners to be able to provide high-quality food and care. Without following their care instructions, this […]

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VIDEO: Golden Retriever Wants to Play Fetch with Halloween Decoration

January 25, 2016
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Golden Retrievers: What You Should Know

January 12, 2016

Golden Retrievers are one of the most popular dog breeds in America. They were originally used to retrieve game for hunters, but the breed is now being used quite often as therapy and assistance dogs, as well as family pets. One of the main reasons as to why Golden Retrievers are so popular as pets is their friendly nature. They are affectionate towards their owners without being overprotective. They also get along well with other […]

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VIDEO: Golden Retrievers Freak Out Over Christmas Tree

December 16, 2015
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