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More Research Supports Emotional & Psychological Benefits of Service Dogs

August 28, 2017

Humans have relied upon their canine companions for support for thousands of years. Whether it’s for companionship, a hunting partner, or guidance and assistance in maintaining independence in the face of a disability, dogs provide their owners and handlers with immeasurable benefits from the moment of adoption until they reach the end of their lives. New evidence is showing that service dogs just might benefit handlers and their families psychologically, rather than just physically. That […]

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Understanding Your Service Dog’s Body Language

December 28, 2016

America’s service dogs single-handedly save lives and enable people with disabilities to live fuller lives each and every day. If you have a service dog, you already recognize just how valuable your dog can be to your life in a wide variety of ways. While at work, he or she keeps a constant watch over you, ensuring that you get to live out your life with as much freedom as possible while staying safe. Even […]

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Top Benefits of Service Dogs for People with Disabilities

November 17, 2016

Living with a disability often means finding new ways to overcome daily challenges, and service dogs are becoming an increasingly popular way to provide people who have disabilities with the assistance they need to ensure their well-being. At first glance, many people wonder what a dog can actually do when a person struggles with mobility or other issues that interfere with their independence. Yet, it only takes a few minutes of observing a service dog […]

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How Dogs Can Help Individuals Overcome PTSD

December 2, 2015

Dog owners understand that a couple of benefits of having a dog are that it helps decrease your stress level and it can help you get over a bad day or time in your life. People with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) can especially benefit from having a dog as a pet. Military veterans very commonly have symptoms of PTSD, but other individuals who have experienced traumatic events can experience it as well. Using dogs as […]

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How Service and Therapy Dogs Differ

July 23, 2015

While therapy and service dogs each play a role in supporting and helping people, there is more than a name difference between the two. Here’s a look some of the distinctions. Purpose Service dogs are intended to help people be independent. They are specifically trained to help those who would otherwise be limited by a disability. They work as a team with their respective handlers. Therapy canines are trained to give comfort and affection to […]

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How a Service Dog Can Help a Child with Autism

July 16, 2015

Therapy dogs have been assisting people with physical tasks for decades. Canines that guide blind people are afamiliar type of working dog. Less familiar are animals that provide emotional support for people with autism. For children with this condition, a dog is a soothing presence. People with autism deal with sensory overload, but with a canine companion by their side, they can better process an overwhelming array of sights, sounds and smells. Providing a Focal […]

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Veteran with PTSD Says He Wouldn’t Have Made It without His Service Dog (VIDEO)

June 29, 2015

It’s been nearly 20 years since Morgan Watt worked in the Air Force as a service dog handler and specialized in explosive detection. Recently, he was diagnosed with PTSD, a mental illness that affects roughly 8 million American adults each year — most of which are veterans. “Watt credits his service dog Foley, a Golden Retriever/Labrador mix trained at Southeastern Guide Dogs, for saving him from the crippling effects of PTSD. Foley helps Watt cope with the migraine […]

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Service Dogs: 5 Little Known Facts

June 24, 2015

Most people have seen and are somewhat familiar with the canines that help disabled individuals navigate through certain daily tasks. However, if you are not constantly in contact with or working with them, there are certain facts that you probably are not aware of. Below are five little known facts about service dogs. 1. Preparation Can Be Costly Preparing a dog for service is both time and money consuming. Just as with regular training, service […]

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How to Successfully Train Service Dogs

June 1, 2015

Dogs that are trained to assist individuals who have mental and physical impairments must go through a rigorous training schedule that sets them apart from other pets. For trainers who are willing to do the work, the reward is a well behaved dog that is accepted by the public. An assistance dog can be trained by the disabled person him or herself, or the dog can be trained by an outside party before working with […]

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How Dogs Can Help Children with Autism

May 7, 2015

While most people are aware of the benefits that service dogs provide for those with physical impairments, many do not realize that assistance dogs can also be trained to provide emotional support. Children with autism face challenges that most of us do not understand, and a well-trained dog can help them in multiple ways. This makes these types of service dogs very unique. Help Sort Out Sensory Input Autistic individuals often have issues with sensory […]

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