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Best Dog Breeds to Match Your Active Lifestyle

November 28, 2016

Are you the type of person who loves being active? Whether you’re a hiking aficionado or just someone who loves to play sports, you already know that staying active and exercising can have many benefits. Better physical and emotional health is high on the list, as is experiencing a wealth of adventures to keep you curious and exploring well into your senior years. There’s really nothing like the feeling of successfully hiking to the top […]

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Benefits of Training Golden Retrievers & Vizslas as Therapy Dogs

November 1, 2016

Today, trainers are able to work with many different breeds of dogs to teach them how to provide therapeutic benefits to their human companions. However, Golden Retrievers and Vizslas are two breeds that stand out from the rest when it comes to serving as therapy dogs. As you explore potential new dogs to assist with you or your loved one’s daily activities, here is what you should know about why these two breeds offer so […]

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Finding a Purebred Vizsla: Where to Look + How to Check for a Reputable Breeder

October 28, 2016

Vizslas are beautiful dogs that fill their homes with boundless energy and love. These strong-bodied dogs were originally bred in Hungary to accompany hunters, yet you no longer have to travel that far to adopt one of your own. From animal shelters to online ads, Vizsla puppies can now be found easily by anyone who loves the unique characteristics of this breed. However, those who are looking for a purebred Vizsla should be wary of […]

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Top 9 Favorite Breeds of Hunting Dogs

October 22, 2016

Dogs and humans have been hunting companions for generations. In fact, it is believed that dogs were first domesticated specifically for the purpose of hunting. While technology has contributed to great leaps in hunting strategies, there is just nothing that can compare to the benefit of having a dog by your side that knows how to track a scent and retrieve your kills. As you explore potential options for a hunting dog, it is important […]

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The Vizsla: A Gentle, Affectionate Family Companion

March 11, 2016

The Vizsla was created in Hungary to work as a retriever and pointer. With an aristocratic bearing, the Vizsla is a more exotic version of the Pointer. Originally, this dog worked close to the hunter, not wandering too far away. That is still true of Vizsla’s today. They prefer to be close to their human most of the time. Vizslas are great with children. They need a lot of exercise and attention. Therefore, they make […]

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Is a Vizsla the Right Fit for Me?

February 17, 2016

Every breed has characteristics that can predict compatibility with an individual’s or a family’s lifestyle. Although the delightful, sweet-natured Vizsla can quickly steal your heart, there are a few things to consider before selecting one as a pet. First and foremost, these dogs need lots of physical exertion, so it’s necessary to be honest about the time you can devote to exercising your pet. Vizslas love to run and are beautiful to watch, so an […]

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Enviable Qualities of Well-Mannered Vizslas

March 4, 2015

Many prospective pet parents consider the beautiful Vizsla for its stunning golden-red coat and for its gentle, affectionate demeanor. These sensitive dogs are muscular, fast, and graceful. They are often chosen as hunting dogs because they have energy and endurance. There may be some reasons to hesitate, however. This affectionate breed is often referred to by its nickname, the “Velcro” dog, because it craves physical contact. Thus, they can also get antsy if it does not get the […]

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Best Dog Breeds to Make Part of Your Family

February 24, 2015

Whether you are getting ready to welcome a new bundle of joy or have already done so and are now in search of an addition of the four-legged variety, a new dog can bring a young family a lot of joy. A new pet is also a big responsibility, however, and each dog breed brings with it its own unique considerations. When you live in a home where children are present, safety is your utmost […]

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Popular Sporting Dog Breeds

February 4, 2015

Originally bred for hunting, Sporting dog breeds are athletic, energetic, and friendly. If properly cared for and exercised, they can make wonderful pets, outdoor companions, and hunting partners. If you are considering looking considering a Sporting dog, it is important to consider whether one of these dogs would be a good fit for you and your family. Different types of hunting led to the development of many different breeds of Sporting dogs. Setters and Pointers […]

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Raising Well-Balanced Vizsla Puppies

December 11, 2014

Vizslas are beautiful dogs with a slick, rust brown coat. They look sleek and require little grooming, but they need companionship. If you are considering adding one of these hunting dogs to your family, you need to make sure it will fit into your lifestyle. Do your homework on reputable breeders of Vizsla puppies. They make wonderful companions, but they do have special needs that make them the perfect dog for the right family. A Vizsla […]

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