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Vizsla Puppies

In collaboration with YouTube’s most popular dog documentary channel, Dogumentary TV, we created a fun and informative video about the Vizsla.

Vizslas are originally from Hungary. Bred to follow the Magyar hunters on horse back, they have an amazing stamina. They do require a good deal of exercise & play. “A tired Vizsla puppy is a happy Vizsla puppy”. The Vizsla is one of the oldest known breeds, dating back at least to the 10 century. They are a wonderful companion for an active family. The only thing that Vizsla puppies love more than running & playing, is having a lap to curl up on to take a nap. Vizsla puppies do require a consistent training program, however their intelligence makes training both a joy & sometimes a frustration. They do tend to test their owners, to see if the rules really do apply to them, all of the time. But once the rules, boundaries & expectation are understood by a Vizsla puppy, you will have one of the most amazing animals as a friend & companion.

Our own joy with this magnificent breed began with Stanley back in early 2006. We never thought another breed would steel our hearts like the Golden Retrievers but our strong, smart, and wonderful stud opened us up to the Vizslas as a truly great family companion.

Stanley beach
Vizsla Puppies love the beach, hiking, and playing. Mainly bred to be avid pointers, flushers and retrievers they have adapted to family life easily. Our goals for this beautiful breed is Healthy, loving temperaments, calmer dispositions, and of course bringing back those strong Hungarian looks. Looking at our Vizsla pups now we can see we are succeeding in helping this breed gain popularity and helping to keep our Vizsla families informed of their strong loyal bonds and need for stimulus both mental and physical.

A Vizsla isn’t the fastest dog but they are quick on their feet and can play and run all day if you wanted them to. Our Stanley would spend all day in the ocean chasing tennis balls and body surfing. Our Vizsla puppies are worthy of recognition for their loving tendencies towards children, strong social behaviors, and easy maintenance.



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