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Our Vizsla Owner Comments

  • More pictures…

    -from Natassia

  • This is love!

  • I got Frye now Opie from you I am training him for agility he is a great dog I plan to send you a video is it easy if i mail it I have attached some pics thank you for a great dog Heidi.

  • marlowe-4Just wanted to send over some pixs of our growing Marlowe, now 2 years old!!

    Mother is Freia, father is Stanley. Photos by Vicki Thomspon.

    Thank you! We love Marlowe more every day! She’s a constant companion. Such a lover and ball of energy!!
  • charlie-3Hi there,

    This is just an update; no question or concern! Our Charlie, aka Dakota, is spunky and fast, loves attention and touch. She is beginning to point and leap at her toys like they are prey. Sleeping is still not her strong suit, so we are consistently training her to be happy and calm in her crate. Puppy class has been good; she is learning to listen and walk nicely. When Charlie is grown she will be a great runner by my side, I just know it!
    Here are a few impressions of our girl exploring LA and the Santa Monica mountains.
    Thanks again for bringing us this amazing dog.

    We couldn’t have gotten a better more lovable dog than Lincoln.

    Thank you so much caryll

  • zonaSee the little lady (your name Arizona)–called Zona by us) now 24#. Terrific dog. Active, strong, healthy, and smart. Loves resting in the sun.

  • syd-9
    Good morning…. Just thought we would say hello. As you can see, our Sadie (Bell) is getting more and more beautiful every day. Very sweet and loving pup.

    We will stay in touch.

  • rangerGood evening,

    We are interested in a little sister for Ranger, now that he is 18 months old.  Here is a current photo of Ranger, however it doesn’t do him justice.  He is a very handsome boy, about 58 pounds, and as sweet as can be.  You picked out a great dog for us, and we absolutely love having him as part of our family.

    Thank you,

    Debra Templin

  • kaia-2Hello- just wanted to send an update on Kaia. She’s doing very well. She’s started a puppy class and doing very well in the big city. Some photos of her with her big brothers.

    Very very sweet girl!kaia-3kaia-1

  • Alicia,
    Ronald Reagan has learned to talk. All is well. He loves his bath.

    To view the video Click  the link and it will download. Ronald Loves Baths

  • Good morning…. Just thought we would say hello. As you can see, our Sadie (Bell) is getting more and more beautiful every day. Very sweet and loving pup.

    We will stay in touch.

  • rebbie radtke 7

    Here’s some of my favorite pics of him 🙂 thanks for the best dog ever ♡

  • Good morning.  I wanted to let you know how much we love Riley-she was one of
    Stella and Conrad's latest litters.  Thank you so much for allowing us to make
    her part of the family.   Our mastiff adores her ( I will send a picture) and
    our weimerner tolerates her!
    Thank you again
  • JAne TEssler girls 3Hi Tim,
    Just letting you know that Lucy has fitted in just perfectly with the
    family ! 
    You are right the Vizslas are harder to train and definitely more
    defiant than the Goldens but she is worth it !
    This is Lucy age 6 months and
    Daisy almost 3 yrs . Her parents were Tiffany and Wyatt
  • trigger and sukieTim, Alicia, and the Golden Meadows team,

    Below are some photos of Trigger (Stanley/Freia 12/17/13) and Sukie (Stanley/Charra 2/28/09).  Both dogs are doing great and they are inseparable companions.  Trigger is now 62.5 pounds and 24” at the shoulder (about 20 pounds heavier than Sukie).  He is “Mr. Happy Happy” and did very well on his first pheasant season.

    Hope all is well with you,


  • CAymus 1Just a little update from the Rittiner's. 
    Caymus arrived in New Orleans
    October 17th and since his arrival he has been the talk of the town. We are
    still working on his crate training and house breaking. He is very smart and
    takes training well. He socializes well with everyone and most animals. We have
    come to learn that he is very healthy but is suffering from a case of human
    separation anxiety. If you know of anything that helps please let us know. I
    have attached a few picks including his first trip to the beach in Florida. 
  • WinnHere she is happy and resting in her new home!!! Thank you for the joy she has 
    already brought into my life!!!
    Jamie Jakubowski
  • Cayenne2Cayenne1

    Cayenne will be 1 y/o tomorrow I can’t believe its been a year! He is such a great dog so funny quite the personality He loves the dog part and get along with all the other dogs mostly because he is submissive. He follows me around all day and tells me when he is ready for a walk. He is the best little traveler he lays in the back seat with the boys and sleeps the whole way, and its 10 hours to Oregon! We stop at his favorite rest stops along the way. Is so funny how he streatches out and lays upside down when he sleeps What a character.
    Just wanted to give you an update


  • c2Hello Alicia….Please forgive me for not writing sooner, our little boy keeps me going 24 hours a day, as you know.
    I named our baby “Chase” because he is always chasing our Whippit and I like the sound of it for him.  Chase loves it here and he is doing well and the two dogs are getting along well now after a rocky beginning.  Sheeba snapped at him so I put her in her crate so Mr. Fearless jumped right in after her.  The two of them are getting along very well now and no blood was shed those first few days.
    I brought Chase to Dr. Fahmy of the Marina Pet Hospital here in Oxnard for his Physical, 3rd Vaccine, deworming etc on Aug. 12th.  He said he had never seen such a beautiful Vizsla.  Of course you and I new that.
    Here are a few pictures, I’ll send more as he grows.
    Thanks for such a great pup.
  • ldLucy doing great . With Daisy all the time  and Libby just observes !
    Hope all well Tim 
  • sun1 sun2Sundance is getting more handsome everyday. Had a photographer friend take some great shots!

  • d3Hello,
    We're writing to send along an update for Zelda (now Dakota) who came to live 
    with us three weeks ago in New York. She's just had her 4 month birthday, and is 
    doing wonderfully!! She takes walks every day in Central Park, is making lots of 
    friends (she is so friendly and curious!) and gets compliments everywhere she 
    goes. We are amazed every day at what a wonderful little girl she is, and we 
    know it's due to her great start at Golden Meadows!! She's the most incredible 
    addition to our family, and we can't thank you enough!!!
    We'll certainly keep sending updates and more photos as she grows (23.5 lbs at 
    her last vet visit!) but here are a few for a start. Thank you again!!!
    Ann Dee  & Jason
  • This is one of your beautiful dogs...
    from b
  • b3b4I wanted to thank you for an amazing additional to our family!  “Cadence” now named “Brooke,” is such a gorgeous sweet little girl Vizsla.  She is everything I wanted and more!  Brooke lies on my chest and looks into my eyes with such a loving look as if she is drinking me in and memorizing my face.  She is extremely affectionate and plasters her body next to mine for hugs.  As sweet as she is, Brooke is also very feisty and lively with boundless energy for her white retriever brother “Chase” now named “Reed.”  The two of them hang out together and rough house and then lay peacefully together to nap.  Brooke is such a joy and brings me tremendous happiness!  I am so glad we are lucky enough to get to share our life with Brooke.  She is indeed the “perfect package” and I could not be more thrilled!


    Thank you so much,


  • He’s been spectacular. Such a blast and so far been awesome about potty training and steadily getting better with the crate. I did let him out once last night to go potty but other than the once, he made it the whole night.

     He had blast at the beach and certainly wore himself out!!!
  • 2

    1Dear Golden Meadows,
    It’s hard to believe but our pup just celebrated his one year birthday! What a
    joy he is. He looks very much like his father Konrad and he has a very out
    going, friendly and affectionate personality. His eyes remain green and people
    remark how striking he is whenever we take him out. His favorite outing by far
    is the beach.

    I wanted to send you a few pictures and again invite you to stop by and say hi
    if you are up our way.

  • 3Hi Tim and Barbie,

     I was just on your website today and noticed that Bronte has retired!  My husband Jerry and I are the parents of “Brick” now Rocket and we love him to pieces.  I sent in images of him at a maximum of 10 mos old and now he is nearly 18 mos.  His parents are Bronte and Conrad and he is beautiful.  He has a square head, beautiful eyes, extremely long legs (he’s over height and weight for a Viszla- he’s huge at 72 lbs and 27″.  He’s always had a calm disposition and been incredibly affectionate.  We had him professionally trained and he is the iconic dog in our neighborhood and his daycare for being a great dog.
    Here are a few recent pictures!  We think he looks just like Conrad in the only picture we have of him!  Do you think he looks like his dad?
    We are interested in learning more about Bronte.  We have been talking about adopting an adult dog, and it may be a great fit to have Bronte join our family and be reunited with one of her own.
    Do you think this would be a good idea?
    We are wondering about her general personality with people, strangers, kids, neighborhood sounds, other dogs, playfulness, hiking, beaches.  In general, if there is anything we should expect to experience while she’s adapting from a breeding dog to a family pet, that would be really helpful.
    We would also like to know more about her physical condition.  I know she is about to have her 5th birthday.  Do you have a recent picture of her?  Has she been spayed?
    We would love to learn anything you have to tell us about her.  We have a large home in Manhattan Beach and we think Rocket would love to have a companion.  He LOVES all dogs and he’s very sweet with them.
    We hope you’re having a great Memorial Day Weekend.  Looking forward to hearing from you!
    All our best,
    Kim & Jerry
  • ???????????????????????????????Frye now Opie is a great wonderful dog. He earn his manners certificate and novice tricks dog and in agility 101. He is an incredible dog and a great addition to my home. I do have a video coming soon. Thank you for Opie.


  • Manny Dektor, Vizsla
    Good morning Tim And Barbie.this is Manny this AM 
    Hope this finds you well.
  • Hello Tim,

    Wanted to touch base with, and thank you for your efforts to provide us with a
    perfect match Vizsla for Nancy and I. It has now
    been 15 months since we brought Sina home from you and there has never been a
    time that I would have considered that a mistake. She
    has been a wonderful companion for both of us and we cannot imagine life without
    her. Conrad and Bronte made us a peach.

    Nancy’s physical condition has worsened to the point that her hope to show Sina
    in the ring is no longer possible, so I had her
    spayed after her first season last December. I have been training her for
    agility competition however; she is absolutely fearless
    and a rocket to boot. She’s so quick it’s becoming patently obvious I’m slowing
    her down (but she still loves me). We continue to
    jog 4-5 miles a day together, which of course whips me but doesn’t faze her a
    bit. Lord she can run – she’s shear grace and beauty
    in motion when she’s stretching out. By the way, as we live next to the Kings
    River I had to teach her to swim (easy job – she took
    to it naturally), Sina loves the water. Amazingly she chases fish, completely
    under water no less; looks like a seal. Must figure
    out how to get a picture of that.

    We wrestled with giardia when we brought Sina home, but
    she’s been superbly healthy ever since. Her
    configuration is perfect, she’s a beautiful creature. The single exception is
    her size; at 18 months Sina weighs in at 55 pounds
    and stands over 26 inches at the shoulder. She definitely takes after her dad
    Conrad there. She’s on the way to exceeding the
    “medium sized dog,” specification; Ok by me but not to the breed standard folks
    I guess. If you remember, I would have taken Conrad
    home the first day I met him.

    Can’t remember if I told you Nancy picked the name Sina (pronounced Sheena),
    Scots Gaelic for “God’s precious Gift.” Our Sina
    certainly is that. Have enclosed some recent pictures of our “Little One” so you
    can see how she’s doing.

    Greg Hand

  • 1Hi!
    Mike mentioned he'd been emailing you and wanted me to send pictures of our 
    little man, Finley (aka Walsh). The first one is the most recent. He's grown so 
    He loves to cuddle and is all around the sweetest and most fun dog ever. We 
    couldn't be happier.
    Thanks again!
    Anjali and Mike
  • 1They are doing great Bene is a great Pup, very smart. Dennis

  • 21

    Hello Tim & Barbie,

    We had three of your Vizslas together at the beach this weekend, so we feel the need to share the attached pictures with you! We got our dog, Finley, together with my brother’s puppy, Guass, and Vee (whom we see often at the beach and parks). The dogs were in heaven! As were the owners! haha.

    Hope all is well at Golden Meadows,
    Annie McGavren

  • shophie 2SophieHere is a picture of our girl, she is growing up fast. Just turned 7 months. She
    is doing well just still working on some training issues but she is a wonderful
    addition to our family.

    We want to thank you for our girl and also for always being there when we have
    questions. You have been a great source of support for us no matter what
    questions we have.


    Allen, Phyllis and Dylan

    and Sophie too

  • Hey Tim,
    I will make sure to write a review for you guys soon. Here is the link to Reeka in hunting training. We take her out to Prado Hunting Dog Training facility once a week, she loves going there and can tell she just loves to hunt in general. She will be getting rooster pheasant in 2 weeks so I’ll make sure to video that for you guys.

  • Hi all,

    Just wanted to follow up after taking Rambo home. What a great pup! He has fit into our lives beautifully. He loves it here on the “ranch” and he jumped right into our daily activities. He loves to head down to the barn with us after his breakfast and he is now accompanied by our young house cat on those walks. She has taken him on as her new friend and they already race and play tag! Love that he knew about cats before we got him.

    Our vet was very taken with his calm but attentive disposition.

    We really feel the training was the way to go for us. It does of course require constant reinforcement but what a great head start you provided us and him. Kudos to his trainer(s). It gives us the opportunity to praise him way more than correct him and I am thrilled not to be cleaning up potty messes in the house daily!

    He is so loved and in return he gives us reason to smile every day.

    Will send pictures soon!


  • rocket 1Hi Tim and Barbie,

     I feel absolutely horrible that we haven’t shared pictures of Brick!  I know he was one of your favorite pups!
    We named him Rocket and he is just thriving.  We love him so much and he is truly the best dog ever!!!  He was even awarded the first ever “Dog of the Week” prize by his daycare and he’s used for all of their temperament tests for new dogs because he’s so well behaved and loves all dogs!
    Here are some pictures!
    Kim Heidenreich
  • HI Barbara, Hi Tim,get-attachment
    how are things at goldenmeadows?
    we are doing great, find attached a picture of Julia’s and Laszlo’s daughter: Csilla backing a point.
    She turned out wonderfully. Her muzzle is a bit too pointy for Stefanie’s taste, but I like it…
    Take care

    Dr. Svenja Viete, D.V.M., Ph.D.

  • Zola-Mae

    My husband and I set out to buy a Vizsla puppy in early spring of 2013. We live in northern California, but could not find a breeder that we felt was reasonable, kind, and was not grossly expensive. We came across the GoldenMeadows Retrievers Website in doing a search for Vizsla breeders. Tim and Barbi Hoke, and all of their employees were experienced, professional, and highly personable on the phone/email. We secured a female Vizsla puppy after they were certain we would be responsible owners, having knowledge of the breed, and the need to promise to properly train the dog, and exercise it daily, as Vizslas require.

    It was an easy drive down. We stayed overnight, and drove to Golden Meadows Kennel to pick up our pup the next morning. Tim Hoke personally met us and covered the paperwork, outline of initial training, feeding schedule, etc. Our puppy, who we named “Zola Mae,” has been the light of our lives. She is exceptionally intelligent, with a gorgeous head, and perfect body. Best of all, she shows the potential for agility training. We have been interested in this facet of training for years, but now are finally seeking professional help in working with Zola Mae. She is seven months old now, and just the most clever, smart, and funny female Vizsla we have ever known.

    We feel so fortunate to have found Golden Meadows Kennel. Not only have we found a wonderful dog, who gets us out of the house, on the off-leash trails nearby every day, and keeps us in good physical shape. We have also found a breeder we can recommend to others that show interest in owning a Vizsla. Golden Meadows Kennel, and their owners produce top quality, intelligent and beautiful Vizslas that do not HAVE to become show dogs, or in any way tie the new owner of their pups to them in any way, unless agreed upon in advance. This quality was difficult to find in other breeders. However, Golden Meadows Kennels will thoroughly screen potential buyers of their pups. They are deeply interested in making sure their pups have a good life, with proper food, exercise, training, and love. I very much admire this quality in them as breeders, since Vizslas are a high energy breed, that MUST have all of the aforementioned needs met. They love their dogs/puppies very much. It is evident when you see them and their gorgeous dogs in person.

    We feel blessed to have Zola Mae as a companion to us, and our other family dog.

    Most Sincerely,
    Michele Quillin
    Gary Kuroki

  • CAli3I figured I’d drop in a line on Cali’s one year birthday. She’s doing great, and is a very sweet dog. Still high energy, but we give her an outlet every single day. We moved to San Jose in February and she’s adjusted greatly. We have a 2 acre park outside our new place and she gets 1.5-2 hours there every single day. My first 45 minutes is training and working on obedience then she plays with 10-16 dogs the next hour or so. She’s very social, always wants to play with everyone, and is the first to greet any new dog arriving at the park. I’ve even had people ask me how much I charge for training because they think I’m doing this professionally. When the secret is the dog! She’s very food driven so I can get her to learn or do anything with just a pebble of her normal food. She’s great off leash, always responding to her recall and always looking back to make sure I’m near her. I’ll attach a couple recent photos of her, thanks.

    (Her tail is normally straight up, just not in the one picture!)


  • Cali Billington3Hi Guys!

    Just wanted to tell you all thanks again for our pup, Cali! We can’t believe we’ve had her for over a month already! We’ve enjoyed each and every day we’ve had with her and can tell that she’s everything you promised us that she would be. She’s absolutely beautiful, healthy and smart!

    You guys are awesome and we are so glad we chose you as our breeder!



  • Hi Tim and Barbie,


    We cannot believe over a year has passed since we picked up our Vizsla puppy whom we named Finley! We knew she would be an incredible dog after meeting her parents, Bronte and Stanley. But she is even more amazing than we expected!

    Finley is now 40lbs and is seeming more like a dog than a puppy. She gets along with other dogs extremely well and just loves to run. People we meet at the beach and parks stop to watch her run and are amazed by her speed. Her favorite trick is “getting the paper” for us every morning. It’s adorable, and very helpful! Finley is the most loving dog my husband and I have ever known…she loves to curl up on our laps and cuddle in the evenings. Having a Vizsla is truly something special!

    Attached are a few pictures of Finley. We just wanted to let you know how Finley is doing. Thank you so much for giving us this wonderful dog. We hope you, and all at Golden Meadows are doing well.

    Annie and Ed

  • Hi Tim, Barb, Lauren, and Joe,

    Bazy is doing really well…he’s an amazingly good 4 month old. He’s learnt the basic commands, sit, down, see, and to some extent, stay! He even has moments of calm when he just wants to snuggle and then falls asleep on the kitchen mat. He has tons of energy, of course, but we challenge him plenty. He loves Starbucks and the local pet stores, where he gets tons of praise. We started him on a leader leash, a few days ago- and he’s getting it already. He is amazingly smart!

    We were able to stop him from nipping with this neat thing suggested by our neighbor’s daughter (she trains dogs and horses). She told us to rub our hands with unsalted butter all it took was just that one time and it’s worked like a charm! The other morning, a little boy came over to pet him at Starbucks and before we could say anything, he’d touched Bazy’s nose. But it was all good – Bazy just licked him gently!

    We bathed him yesterday for the first time since he came home a month ago. And this was only because he had rolled around in some wet mud.


  • Sophie VizslaHi,
    I just wanted to thank you for our little Sophie. We are so in love with our new little family member. She is doing so well with crate training and potty training. She sleeps in her crate all night. She has just started running to the door now when she has to go potty.   
    We are in puppy class and she is having a great time and we are all learning so much.
    I attached a picture of Sophie (she sure does sleep a lot).
    We will continue to let you know how she is doing.
    Thanks Again, 
    Allen, Phyllis and Dylan 


    Tasha turns 2

    Tasha turns 2

    Barbie and Tim,
    I am writing this note to you as our Vizsla Tasha turns two years old. She is the smartest, most loyal we have ever had, and she is so full of personality we are constantly amused by her expressions and activities. She is a part of the family. And, of course, she is beautiful.
    Thank you for raising her!


  • Jake aka Basil

    Jake (Basil) is scheduled with the vet on Wednesday, December 12th. He is doing really great. He plays really well with the other dogs (Sampson (Catahoula), Beau (Black Lab) and Avery (Boxer). He is almost potty trained (has not had an accident for two days) and it took him about 3 minutes to learn how to go in and out of the doggie door. He has already outgrown his crate so I’ve ordered him a larger one.

    He is enrolled in a puppy class at PetsMart with only 1 other puppy so he is getting a lot of attention.


  • ???????????????????????????????
    Thinking of you and the folks at Golden Meadows. We celebrated Bartie’s birthday today. He has been such a blessings – with gratitude – Bonnie Rose

    Rev. Bonnie Rose
    Sr. Ministe

  • Hi Tim and Barbie,
    Just wanted to say hi and tell you how “Ginger” ( birth date 04/09/12) is doing.
    She is doing well and has fit in nicely with our family of almost two grown kids and a ten year old Vizsla. She has made us all more active – especially our older Vizsla , Noel who comes along with Ginger on all our outings. It was a great experience for our older children to see what is involved in raising a puppy. Ginger is a great dog. Every day she does things to bring a smile to our faces. She barks at dogs on the TV. She has the cutest low pitch bark /growl at times which makes her sound like a much bigger dog than she is. I walk her with a Gentle Leader and she has been responding well to that. I can’t imagine life without her now. At the time we bought her I had a few reservations about raising another puppy, but now I realize what a great decision we made to adopt her. She is a beautiful dog – both in appearance and in spirit.
    Anne Marie

  • Tim,

    I wanted to let you guys know everything is going great with “Cali”. The Vet appointment went great as well and she passed with flying colors. Looks like 3 weeks from today we’ll get the 3rd parvo shot and by week 16 we’ll be completely up to date. The first night she went straight to sleep when we went to bed and didn’t make a single sound from the crate, she is also holding her bladder all night and not having any accidents in the house. We’re pretty impressed with how well she is adapting. Thursday night she whined for 20-30 minutes when we went to bed, then put her self to sleep after that. We covered the entire crate with blankets so it’s dark inside and she seems to love that. We also found she loves music and sitting in the sun for a couple minutes at a time. She also got along perfect with our friends Malmute (who is very obedient). She was bouncing all over the place with her tail wagging like crazy, seemed to be a very good experience for her. Thanks for all your help and assistance.


  • Hello Barbara,
    I just can’t seem to stop people from interrupting my training of Vee when I am out in public. He is so beautiful! I was out at the beach one day. There was a young family there. I was trying to avoid them. He and his wife had two little girls. He saw us and he called out, ” ahh come on now, you can’t bring a puppy to the beach and not share the love!” That was pretty good. So, of course I stopped and it was a very positive experience for Vee & me.


  • Dear Tim and Barbie,

    I wanted to take a moment to let you know how things are going with Bartok. As you know, my biggest concern was about getting a dog who would blend well with Stella, our Alpha Girl. We felt like she would benefit from a playmate, but weren’t sure how she would take to having to share everything. She is very possessive of food, space, toys, and mostly her human friends. You helped us find the perfect dog companion for her. Bartok is just as you said he would be – assertive enough to approach her and initiate play, but submissive and independent enough to give her space when needed. Stella seems to really like him and it is wonderful to watch the two of them together.

    Bartie is also a great dog in his own right. He is easy to train, friendly, healthy, and sweet as can be, not to mention beautiful. He comes to work with me about once a week and is a hit with everyone. He’s just a really nice dog through and through.

    We are grateful for all that you and your staff did give Bartok such a good start in life and for all that you did to support us in adopting him. From day one, you all were so helpful – letting us meet Bartok’s mom, answering a million questions, and providing us with what we needed to have a great experience. I wanted to make a special mention of Joe who was the first person we met at your facility. He was so kind to us and clearly fond of the dogs. That was a sign to me that our puppy had been raised with TLC from day one.

    So thank you! I could go on and on, but will just tell you once again that we are very happy to have worked with you and we love our new addition to our family.

    Rev. Bonnie Rose

  • Hi there

    Bartok and Stella are still doing well. But the big news is that Bart found Religion today. He went to church with me and attended staff meeting, fundraising meeting, and Practitioner class. He was an active participant in everything – met around 20 people and licked them all and played with most of them. He’s worn out, which is a good thing! Stella had to stay home, but I think she enjoyed the peace and quiet.

    I have attached a couple of pictures. Bartok the composer’s piano music was sort of wild and I wanted our Bartie to pose as his namesake. The picture of him with his ears flying around and a crazy look in his eye kind of captures the essence. J Let me know if this is too boring… J xo

    Rev. Bonnie Rose
    Senior Minister

  • Hello Tim and Barbie,

    hope all is well. I thought we would send you some picture of Kora. She is growing and is doing awesome. She just graduated puppy class too!

    Warmest Regards,

    Jennifer Kim

  • Hello,

    I wanted to write to you to say, thank you, and to let you know that Liesel (now Copper) is settling in well and has become a wonderful addition to our family. I kept meaning to call you with questions, forgetting, and then most of our “problems” have resolved themselves with time or through input from other dog owners. She is a really wonderful pup! She gets along well with my two daughters and is very responsive to my seven year old’s efforts to reinforce her training. We take her to the beach and off-leash dog park twice a day and she has made lots of dog and human friends. We get comments and compliments every day about what a wonderful, well-behaved dog she is, both with people and other dogs.

    I appreciate your time and effort in raising and training such a wonderful animal and your help and guidance through the adoption process.

    I have attached some photos of Copper at play on the beach and at the park.

    Happy New Year!

    Katherine Upshur

  • Tim,

    As you can see from the header, my 4 year old named Kurt “Marley Yoda Diaco.” He has quickly become a member of the family! I have a couple of questions regarding training. Marley listens very well to me, but I have a deep loud voice. My wife does not. I can tell Marley, “Quite, No Bark” when kenneling him, and he listens to me very well.

    P.S. We have his food and vitamins, and we are trying very hard to keep him well trained. We are scheduling an obedience class as well.

    Joseph F. Diaco, Jr., Esq.
    Adams & Diaco, P. A.

  • Tim and Barbie,

    Just wanted to give you a photo of the puppy I bought from you in September. Everyone says she is the best looking Vizsla hey have ever seen. Everywhere I go, people stop me to ask about Tasha. Hope you are doing well,


  • Hi Tim and Barbie,

    This is a photo of Ginger at 11 weeks or so. She is a lot bigger now . We think that she looks like her Mom, Bronte, but she loves to fetch like her daddy, Stanley. She changes a little each day. Just the other day we noticed that her “pip whiskers” had come in. She still has the puppy teeth which now look too small for her mouth. It is an extraordinary experience to watch how a puppy grows.

    Will keep in touch , Anne Marie


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