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Up and Coming Vizsla Puppies

Pennypups at 10days (9)

Our Expecting Parents

Thank you for your interest in our Gorgeous Vizslas we do have some great litters expected. Our Vizsla pups go home untrained after 8 weeks of age for $2,500.

For our upcoming litters:
We take Open deposits towards a specific gender and will put you on a Master Waiting List. When the pups are born we will start at the top of the list with deposits first received and notify  the families of the birth of the pups and information on the specific parents. Our Families will have the option to wait for the next litter.  Deposits are non refundable and will be held as a credit towards the next expecting Vizsla litter. It is a $500 nonrefundable deposit to get on the waiting list.

Next Expected Litter

To find out if a current or upcoming litter would suit your family or if you’d like some assistance in finding the perfect already trained dog to join your family please fill out our puppy info form here: Puppy Info Request This is required before we can set up any appointment.

We have been breeding Vizlsas for more than 9 years now. Like our Golden Retrievers, our Vizsla puppies are bred for temperament, health & conformation. Our Vizsla puppies for sale, come with a  minimum of 1 year health guarantee against genetic hip, heart & eye defects and we are happy to go an additional 2 years if our families continue to provide the High Quality food we already start our Vizsla puppies on. We show our adults in AKC & IABCA conformation. Most of the adults in our Vizsla breeding program are either champions or they are bred to a champion.

Training is available for any puppy that you get from us.

We are constantly amazed by the personality that the Vizsla puppies display. They are so full of life & just seem to enjoy every minute of the day. We try to remember that they aren’t human &  not to attribute human emotions to them. However it is difficult sometimes to remember that, when they look at you with a quizzical or a look of complete adoration. Like the Golden Retrievers the Vizslas are a wonderful all around family dog & constant companion.


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