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The Right Way to Train and Discipline Your Dog

November 12, 2014

The Right Way to Train and Discipline Your Dog | Golden Meadows RetrieversYour dog can be your greatest companion. However, raising a canine can also be a nightmare if you are unable to get it under control. Much like a child, if a dog is not properly trained, it will not respect you as the owner and does whatever it wants to. As the master, you have to show that you are the alpha male. This is done through a combination of reinforcement training and discipline.

Most professional dog trainers agree that reinforcement training is the best way to condition a dog. This basically means immediately rewarding a dog with a treat whenever it obeys a command. This way, it learns to associate the good behavior with a treat.

There are also a few other tricks you can employ to exert yourself as the leader. One trick is to always walk in front of your dog when walking it on a leash. When animals travel in a pack, the alpha male always lead the way, and you should do the same. If your dog tries to move ahead of you or veer in a different direction, gently tug the leash. Also, always let your dog come to you instead of going to it.

There is also the question of how to discipline your dog. Most experts do not recommend physical punishment. While this form of discipline can work if done correctly, it can also cause your dog to become afraid of you or even turn on you if done in excess. Instead, it is better to scold your dog. Dogs are good at picking up on human emotion and will usually know when you are displeased with it. Be sure to scold your dog immediately after an undesired behavior so that it associates that action as a no-no.

While your dog can be your best friend, it can also act like an undisciplined child if you do not give it the proper training or show that you are the boss.


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